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Grange Insurance + ClientCircle

In 2019, Grange Insurance teamed up with ClientCircle to help more of their agencies grow. Here are some highlights the 282 participating agencies achieved since signing up.

Climbed in local Google ranking

With search engine optimization (SEO) help from ClientCircle, 56% of participating agencies representing Grange Insurance are listed in the top three search results on Google for insurance agencies in their zip code.

Improve Google ranking with Grange + ClientCircle

Gained new clients from referrals

ClientCircle helped participating agencies representing Grange Insurance provide an outstanding experience customers wanted to share with others. The average insurance agency representing Grange Insurance gained 32 new clients from referrals each year.

Sign new clients with Grange + ClientCircle

Increased client loyalty

With help from ClientCircle, participating agencies representing Grange Insurance have an average Net Promoter Score (NPS®) of 78—8 points higher than the average independent insurance agency. Every 10-point increase in NPS translates to approximately 2% higher retention.

Increase customer loyalty with Grange + ClientCircle

Collected reviews on Google and Facebook

Using ClientCircle, participating agencies representing Grange Insurance sent well-timed review requests to their promoters and gained an average of 19 new reviews on Google and Facebook per year.

Increase Google reviews with Grange + ClientCircle

Additional highlights:

Collect testimonials with ClientCircle

Agencies collected an average of 383 testimonials each per year to share on their websites and social media.

Integrate you agency management system with ClientCircle

The participating agencies represent 12 different agency management systems that work well with ClientCircle.

Text prospects using ClientCircle

Participating agencies that use ClientCircle texting sent an average of 52 texts per month to clients and prospects.


You make it easy to track interactions with our clients, receive feedback on our agents and agency, and collect the data we need for internal processes. We love you guys and your support team!

Matt Lutes

Dickerson Agency

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The average amount of time each participating agency representing Grange Insurance has been using ClientCircle is 4 years. The average number of policyholders each participating agency has is 3,287. All ownership rights and copyrights to this document are reserved. Duplication and publication of this document with anyone or any entity other than the initial recipient is strictly prohibited.