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How does ClientCircle work?

Manage the complete customer relationship

With our CRM, you’ll have everything you need to turn prospects into happy customers, and happy customers into your biggest promoters and repeat buyers. We’ll help you create and manage every step of your relationships for a flawless experience for everyone—your employees included. You no longer need to worry about missing a step and you’ll be able to accomplish so much more with fewer resources.

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Connect your tools with a website made for insurance

Your website is one of the first things prospects see when they’re considering you as their agent, and it’s the first place your clients go when they need help. With a website from ClientCircle, you won’t just look great online—you’ll be able to connect and automate many of your agency tools and tasks so you have happier clients and sell more products. Pick a template and customize it to fit your agency.

How websites by ClientCircle work

Automate online reviews and testimonials

Collecting online reviews can be a difficult task if you don’t know which of your clients to ask, how to ask or when. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about all the rules because we’ll do it for you. We find your clients who are willing to leave a positive review or a testimonial and ask them at the best possible times.

Automate reviews

Improve your online reputation

As your reputation climbs online, people in your area will be more likely to find you before your competitors. With ClientCircle, you could see your Google ranking improve 3-4 spots every 6 months. And you’ll be able to keep an eye on and respond to Facebook and Google My Business feedback right from your dashboard in ClientCircle.

Improve reputation

Retain more clients

We’ll help you identify your happy clients and those who may be ready to leave. We’ll do that by surveying your customers regularly, at just the right times, with a one-question Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. You’ll start getting valuable feedback almost right away. We’ll notify you when clients are unhappy so you can quickly save those relationships and improve your retention.

Increase retention

Grow through referrals

Our automated referral tools will help you make sure your happiest customers are sharing their positive experiences with family, friends and colleagues. When a client refers someone to you, you’ll be able to thank them with a personal, handwritten card delivered in the mail. We’ll know when to send it and to whom, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting.

Grow through referrals

Communicate in a way your customers prefer

Every person has their preferences on how they want to communicate. Some like email, others prefer texting. And almost everyone loves getting an occasional, unexpected, personalized card in the mail. With ClientCircle, you will have all these channels available to you in one app. Onboarding campaigns, handwritten cards, surveys sent via text, web chat that lives on your website—our platform has it all.

Communicate in a way customers prefer

Sell more with automations

Cross-selling is one of the best ways you can grow your revenue. Our ready-to-go automations allow you to easily set up cross-selling campaigns for any product and audience—with lists and templates, well, all ready to go. All content has been written specifically for insurance. Send as-is or customize as much as you’d like to fit your needs.

Sell more with automations

Manage all conversations in one place

First-class mail, email, texting, web chat and even third-party messaging tools—we do it all. You can manage all client communications and conversations inside ClientCircle without having to juggle multiple apps. Collaborate with your team, know what was said last and mark conversations as resolved when you’re done. We even have a mobile app so you can respond to clients on the go.

Manage conversations in one app

Get guidance from a dedicated expert

We aren’t there only when you have a question or need help with a feature—we’re committed to helping you grow your business every day. We’ll meet with you regularly to go over your account, share industry best practices, help you build custom campaigns, and create reports and recommendations on how you can continue to improve, meet and exceed your goals.

Get guidance from experts

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As insurance agency owners, every day we are solicited with the next great software product that will take our agency to the next level. Rarely do these products live up to our expectations...until now. ClientCircle has been everything that we were told it would be and more!

Scott Stanberry

Stanberry Insurance Agency

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