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HawkSoft + ClientCircle

ClientCircle works with many HawkSoft users to help them grow their insurance business. Our mutual customers benefit from the two-way integration that allows agencies to log notes and tasks in HawkSoft automatically from ClientCircle and use both systems side-by-side on one screen. Here are just a few of the results agencies using HawkSoft and ClientCircle have seen.

HawkSoft + ClientCircle

Wrote $35,000 in premium using personal lines cross-sell automations

With help from ClientCircle, Medwin Insurance Agency sent automated emails to cross-sell home, auto and umbrella policies to their clients. After receiving these emails, 39 clients purchased coverage they were missing, resulting in more than $35,000 additional premium.

Hawksoft + ClientCircle auto policy cross-selling

Climbed 15 spots in local Google ranking to number one

Ken May Insurance Services sends automated review requests to their clients with help from ClientCircle. When someone searches for home or auto insurance in their zip code, Ken May Insurance Services is the first listing that shows up on Google—a 15-spot increase from when they first signed up for ClientCircle. The agency also sends handwritten cards to their clients throughout the year, giving customers a positive experience to write about and helping Ken May Insurance Services maintain a 5-star rating on Google.

Improve Google ranking with Hawksoft + ClientCircle

Gained 158 new customers from referrals

Fathom Insurance Agency has acquired 158 new clients from referrals with help from ClientCircle, increasing their customer base by more than 18%. The agency sends thank you cards, birthday cards and review requests to their biggest promoters to encourage referrals and reviews.

Gain customers with Hawksoft + ClientCircle

Increased Net Promoter Score (NPS®) by three points

Paradiso Insurance, a long-time ClientCircle customer, has a Net Promoter Score of 83—13 points higher than the average independent insurance agent in the U.S. Every 10-point increase in NPS results in a 2% increase in client retention on average. Paradiso Insurance has been able to improve their client loyalty by sending NPS surveys, calling detractors to resolve issues and sending other personalized communications to help build strong relationships.

Increase insurance agency NPS with Hawksoft + ClientCircle

Sold 70 auto policies from one email automation and handwritten cards

Another insurance agency that wanted to remain anonymous used an automated email from ClientCircle to cross-sell auto insurance to homeowners 45 days before their home policy renewed. They followed that email with a handwritten card 15 days later. Seventy clients purchased an auto policy after they received this campaign, worth more than $109,000 in premiums.

Cross-sell with Hawksoft + ClientCircle

More about the HawkSoft integration:

Search contacts using sidecar with ClientCircle

Use Sidecar to view data and send communications from ClientCircle while working in HawkSoft.

Log notes and tasks in HawkSoft from ClientCircle automatically

Log notes and tasks in HawkSoft from ClientCircle automatically.

Target clients using Hawksoft with ClientCircle

Send targeted communications in ClientCircle using policy sub-statuses from HawkSoft.

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Your technology is a must for every single agency.

Chris Paradiso

Paradiso Insurance

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