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ClientCircle is a leading insurance communications platform in the U.S. Our software helps insurance agents manage the complete customer journey. From prospecting to sales to retention—we help our customers do it all. ClientCircle and AMS360® have a direct, two-way integration, simplifying workflows for AMS360 users and helping agencies grow through automated campaigns, retention tools, reputation management and more.

Vertafore AMS 360 + ClientCircle

Sold 134 home and auto policies using automated cross-sell emails

C&S Insurance used four automated monoline cross-sell emails from ClientCircle to offer home policies to auto clients and vice versa. Seventy-four customers who received these emails purchased home or auto policies, sometimes adding multiple policies, worth more than $186,000 in premiums.

Cross-selling home and auto with Vertafore AMS360 + ClientCircle

Gained 809 new clients from referrals

Blue Valley Insurance Agency has added 809 new customers to their insurance agency from referrals with help from ClientCircle. Their agency sends thank you cards, loyalty cards and review requests through ClientCircle to encourage referrals and reviews from their clients.

More referrals with Vertafore AMS360 + ClientCircle

Increased Net Promoter Score (NPS®) by 12 points

Bigham Insurance has improved their Net Promoter Score by 12 points since starting with ClientCircle in June 2022. Their NPS is now 94. That's 24 points higher than the average independent insurance agency. Every 10-point increase in NPS results in a 2% increase in client retention on average. The agency takes advantage of nearly all of ClientCircle’s built-in communications, including handwritten cards and automated emails, to help improve customer loyalty.

Track NPS with Vertafore AMS360 + ClientCircle

Collected an average of four new Google reviews per month

Grober-Imbey Agency uses automated survey and review requests with ClientCircle to collect reviews from their biggest promoters. Since starting with ClientCircle, they’ve collected 327 positive reviews on Google and 65 reviews on Facebook. Grober-Imbey Agency is the first listed insurance agency on Google in their area and has a 4.9-star rating.

More Google reviews with Vertafore AMS360 + ClientCircle

Wrote $62,500 in premium using one commercial cross-sell automation

Using a pre-written commercial umbrella cross-sell email from ClientCircle, Neto Insurance Agency Inc. sold 15 policies to businesses they insure, worth more than $62,500 in additional premium for the agency.

Cross-sell with Vertafore AMS360 + ClientCircle

More about the ClientCircle and AMS360 integration:

Send activities with Vertafore AMS360 + ClientCircle

Send activities and suspenses from ClientCircle to AMS360 automatically

Add data with Vertafore AMS360 + ClientCircle

Add data to ClientCircle from the Contacts tab or Customer overview screen in AMS360

Automate with ClientCircle

Use AMS360 profile questions to start automated campaigns in ClientCircle

Eligible AMS360 users can get access to many ClientCircle features at no cost


I can’t believe how simple this system was to set up with our AMS360 management system. The amount of testimonials we’ve already received, just in the last few weeks, is blowing me away. The other amazing aspect: if you have any clients that aren’t perfectly happy, you’re able to gather the specific feedback from them that will make them a happy customer. No more guessing what clients want!

Ashley DeCarteret

Harbor Brenn Insurance Agencies

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