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Xanatek + ClientCircle

ClientCircle works with many Xanatek agencies to help them communicate more effectively with their policyholders and prospects.

Xanatek + ClientCircle

Sold 228 policies using cross-sell automations

Using pre-written emails from ClientCircle, McGowan Insurance Agency was able to automate their personal lines and life insurance cross-sells to clients. The agency sold 228 policies to clients who received these cross-sell emails spanning home, auto, umbrella and life insurance, worth more than $248,000 in premiums.

Sell more policies with ClientCircle and Xanatek

Increased Net Promoter Score (NPS®) by seven points

Since starting with ClientCircle in April 2019, Path Insurance Agency increased their NPS by seven points to 87. That’s 17 points higher than the average independent insurance agency in the U.S. Every 10-point increase in NPS results in a 2% increase in client retention on average. Path Insurance agency uses ClientCircle to send their clients handwritten birthday and thank you cards, as well as welcome emails and automated survey and review requests.

Improve your NPS with ClientCircle and Xanatek

Collected 223 new Google reviews

With help from ClientCircle, Bryan Insurance Group, Inc. collects an average of approximately three new Google reviews per month for a total of 223 reviews so far. Bryan Insurance Group, Inc. is the first result that appears on Google when people search for insurance in their zip code, and they have a 4.9-star rating. Bryan Insurance Group, Inc. uses ClientCircle to send handwritten holiday cards to clients annually. They also send automated survey and review requests to collect reviews from their biggest promoters.

Collect more Google reviews with ClientCircle and Xanatek

Brings in an average of 300 new clients per year through referrals alone

Foresight Insurance has received more than 2,100 referrals since signing up with ClientCircle in January of 2017. The agency encourages referrals by sending handwritten birthday, welcome and thank you cards through ClientCircle as well as automated review requests and carrier-specific welcome emails. Foresight Insurance also follows up with any client who leaves a 7 or lower on their Net Promoter Score (NPS®) surveys to find out what they can do better and turn their unhappy clients into promoters.

Increase referrals with ClientCircle and Xanatek

Wrote $42,000 in home insurance premiums using automated cross-sell emails

Matney Insurance uses automated, pre-written emails from ClientCircle to help cross-sell home policies to their monoline auto clients. With help from these emails, Matney Insurance has sold 45 new homeowners policies to existing clients, resulting in $42,000 in additional premiums.

Increase cross-selling with ClientCircle and Xanatek

More about the Xanatek integration:

Import contacts automatically each night

Import new contacts nightly based on inactives, policy types or contact statuses, including customers and prospects.

Include referral sources to send thank you cards automatically

Include referral sources from Xanatek and send them handwritten thank you cards automatically.

Communications icon ClientCircle

Send communications from each contact’s assigned CSR, producer, individual employees or your agency in general.


The system seamlessly works with my AMS, Xanatek, and provides me with innovative, meaningful and, in most cases, effortless ways to reach my clients. As a whole, ClientCircle also exhibits a very service-focused approach to client onboarding, account setup and training. They are very responsive to questions and concerns and are always available to provide support.

Elias Ghali

Path Insurance Agency

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