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Five common insurance agency challenges. Solved.

June 1, 2021 by ClientCircle

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When an agency first comes to ClientCircle, they are often looking for help. Some are struggling with retention and want to figure out why clients are leaving, others are looking for ways to automate communications or need help building better, more personalized relationships.

Here are five of the most common problems we hear about when we talk to insurance agents:

  • We are struggling with retention.
  • We’re newly independent with limited marketing resources.
  • We’re an established agency but we lost that personal touch.
  • We can’t decide: hire a marketing employee or invest in software?
  • We’re so busy, we need to automate things, especially cross-selling.

Let’s look at each of these scenarios.

We are struggling with retention

The challenge: Many agencies struggle with retention. It’s difficult to know if clients are leaving due to lost income or other personal circumstances, or if there’s something else going on with your agency that’s affecting retention. But no matter the external factors, retention is always key to an agency’s growth.

How we can help: Finding out what’s causing your clients to leave is our priority. We start by implementing an ongoing Net Promoter Score (NPS) monitoring system for all your clients. We find out exactly how your customers feel about you and if they are experiencing issues with your products, service, pricing or something else. We categorize the responses for you and notify you as soon as there’s an issue, helping you save those relationships before it’s too late.

We’re newly independent with limited marketing resources

The challenge: Newly independent agencies often have a limited budget for marketing and communications. And even if you have someone helping with marketing, they likely need additional tools to collect data, send timely communications to all clients, run cross-selling campaigns, respond to prospects, etc.

How we can help: We take care of all client communications for you. We will welcome new clients, help you cross-sell with almost no work on your part, collect online reviews and testimonials, monitor client feedback, and notify you when there’s an issue. Our software integrates with most agency management systems, making it easy for you to manage all client communications in one place—texting and web chat included.

We’re an established agency but we lost that personal touch

The challenge: If your agency has been around for a while or you have a big book of business, it can become difficult to maintain meaningful, personalized relationships with clients. You might be feeling your emails and campaigns are too generic, impersonal and not getting the best response. You probably don’t have the time to check in with every client regularly in a way that feels personal, yet you still want your clients to feel you truly care.

How we can help: We know just how to help you build meaningful, personalized relationships that last—no matter the size of your book. We’ll help you welcome your clients in a personal way and check in with them regularly, so they know you truly care. Prewritten emails, handwritten cards, texting, web chat—we have it all. We’ll even help you share valuable content like articles, videos and podcasts with your clients at just the right times, for a truly personalized experience.

We can’t decide: hire a marketing employee or invest in software?

The challenge: Weighing the costs of software vs. a marketing professional is something many agencies face especially if you’re expanding and growing. Balancing personalized touches with automation, while saving time and resources, is not easy.

How we can help: ClientCircle delivers personalized client experiences at a fraction of the cost. We integrate with most agency management systems and help you send timely, meaningful communications to clients, monitor how your clients feel about you and help you cross-sell with very little work on your part. Everything is automated and written specifically for insurance. We help you set everything up, and after that, your time investment is minimal—a few hours per month.

We’re so busy, we need to automate things, especially cross-selling

The challenge: Cross-selling is difficult. Knowing exactly when and to which clients to cross-sell, deciding what to say, writing communications, and building client lists is a lot of work. Add that to all the other client communications you need to send throughout the year, and you’re looking at another full-time employee or two.

How we can help: Our ready-to-go automations for both personal and commercial lines help you sell more with less work. With just a few clicks, you can send a cross-selling message or configure a campaign of any kind using customer lists you already have or ones we can help you build. We wrote everything for you. And we can help you automate all other client communications—welcome messages, thank you cards, check-in emails, one-time announcements, etc., so you can save time and focus on other important tasks.

Are you dealing with any of these challenges?

At ClientCircle, we talk to hundreds of insurance agents every day to help them build better client relationships, improve retention, automate personalized communications and grow their business. We’d love to help you too.

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