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How to stay competitive with the NPS leaderboard

November 14, 2019 by ClientCircle

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You have the potential to reshape your relationship with clients, colleagues and competitors through the NPS leaderboard. Especially if you know how it all works.

It can be hard to tell how well you’re really doing NPS-wise if you’ve got no one to compare yourself to. That’s what makes the new leaderboard so useful—and flexible.

It’s the only place you’re able to quickly see how you compare to the competition. And it’s exclusive to ClientCircle.

ClientCircle agent leader board global rank

You can use the leaderboard to go head-to-head with someone else in the office, set a personal goal or make sure you’re hitting a company benchmark.

There are four sections on the leaderboard: Leaderboard selector, Rank, Current NPS and Rank over time.

Leaderboard selector

In the top left of your screen, you’ll see this drop-down menu:

ClientCircle leaderboard selector menu

You can switch between different leaderboards to see where you rank:

  • In your agency.
  • Globally across the whole industry.
  • Within your enterprise. For enterprise plan customers only.


The Rank section is where you’re going to find your current standing and the list of top performers in your office. If you don’t have enough NPS survey responses, this area may be blank, so you’ll have to come back in the future when you have more client feedback.

If your rank is red, you’re moving down; green, and you’re moving up. Click on this section to see a pop-up window showing you info related to your rank. The Change column shows whether someone’s rank has gone up or down within the last 24 hours.

Wondering what happens if you rank the same as someone else? Click the little information icon for an overview of how we break ties. This section does get into the weeds a bit, but it’s worth having a look if you want to know how we’re keeping things open and fair.

How to move up the ranks

Above all, respond to detractors—that’s what’s really going to help you climb the ranks. You have to reach out to detractors so when they get surveyed again, they’ll give a positive response.

What else can you do? Turn on welcome cards. Turn on loyalty and birthday cards. We know that by sending more quality communications, you’re going to get a higher NPS because your clients are enjoying a better experience.

If you’re already happy with your rank, use the leaderboard to make sure you’re not losing ground to the up-and-comers. As other agents start following best practices, they’ll be biting at the heels of those in the top 100. So, make sure you’re innovating to keep at the top of the ranks.

Current NPS

The Current NPS section is pretty much the same info as you’ll find on your Net Promoter Score dashboard. We placed it here too, so you have easy access to your number without switching between screens.

Rank over time

Rank over time shows you the people who qualify for the leaderboard and how their rank has changed over time. You can pull up side-by-side comparisons of up to five agents to see who’s performing well and who has some work to do. This is particularly helpful for employers since you can view NPS trends by year, month or week and account for the factors that impact client loyalty.

Leaderboard participation

Everyone’s details are hidden by default on the global ranking leaderboard. But if you want to see more info about your competitors, first select your rank, then click on “choosing a new leaderboard participation.”

Here you can change your name from Hidden to Visible, which will give you the best experience using the leaderboard.

ClientCircle visible leaderboard

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