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Introducing our new tool for building better client relationships

March 12, 2020 by ClientCircle

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ClientCircle texting makes it quick and easy to have one-on-one conversations with clients at any time. Or send Net Promoter Score (NPS) and review requests.

Since day one, we’ve focused on humanizing communication. We don’t just make tools that deliver the right messages, we build things that work well together to improve relationships. Through years of experience and experimentation, we know what to say, who to say it to and when to say it.

We believe text messaging can make a huge impact on improving customer relationships when combined with other communications.

So, with all this in mind, we’re excited to introduce text messaging to ClientCircle.

  • Our system determines the best time to contact customers and whether to send an email or text.
  • You’re ready to go with pre-written templates that work.
  • You can choose an 800 number or a local line.
  • Send and receive image attachments.
  • TCPA and compliance are built right in.

Your clients are going to love being able to reach you quickly and easily via text. And you’re going to love how straight-forward the system is to use.

If your customers respond better to email, we’ll stick with that. When email isn’t working or it’s not available, we’ll try text (and vice versa).

Use our prewritten text templates or write your own

Right now, you can use ClientCircle in three ways (with more options in the works):

  • NPS survey requests
  • Online review requests
  • One-on-one conversations

One-on-one conversations are chats you have directly with clients, meaning you’ll always be in the driving seat. But with the other two options, you have the choice of sending requests either manually or by using our scheduling system.

Choose a toll-free or local number or bring your own

You can pick toll-free 800 numbers or select local lines. You can also port in an existing phone number to be able to use for texting in ClientCircle.

Every employee gets their own number

Each employee is assigned their own line so it’s easy to keep personal and business texts separate. The group inbox feature means clients will always get the support they need even when their assigned contact is unavailable or on vacation.

Text-enabled NPS

We have a set of concise and effective templates for NPS, meaning respondents don’t need to leave the conversation to take part. They’re able to complete the whole thing by simply answering questions via text. The system will also look at how whole long it’s been since you last reached out to the customer and adjust the message as necessary.

Text-enabled review requests

This was one of our most asked-for features, and we’ve made it super simple to just set it and forget it. All you have to do is enable review requests via text, and we’ll start encouraging your customers to go to Google, Facebook or other review sites to leave feedback.

Realtime one-on-one conversations

When you go to the new Conversations tab on the left-hand navbar in your account, you’ll be able to send messages to anyone at any time. Plus, you’re able to include emojis and attachments.

TCPA and compliance built in.

You can import your existing opt-in flags and anyone can opt out easily at any time. Plus, you can opt in an entire list or have clients agree directly:

  • Single opt-in: Customers text ‘JOIN’ to agree to receive messages.
  • Double opt-in: Customers text ‘JOIN’ and then receive a confirmation message to which they need to reply.
  • One more thing: If you’re manually sending one-on-one messages, you can continue doing that without getting an opt-in.

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