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New from ClientCircle: Websites made for insurance

April 19, 2023 by ClientCircle

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Whether a prospect finds you on Google or through a referral from a friend, they will head to your website next. And when a customer has a question about their policy or wants to add coverage, they will likely start by going to your website as well.

Having a simple, functional, beautiful, and easy-to-update website makes all the difference in how you market your agency and service your clients. But being found online and looking good is not enough anymore.

To truly stand out from the competition and sell more effectively and efficiently, you need a website that connects to your other tools and automates your processes.

Meet websites from ClientCircle.

How are ClientCircle websites different?

All your tools in one place

It’s not easy to connect multiple tools from different vendors. Some work well together, others don’t integrate at all, making your day-to-day processes difficult. By choosing ClientCircle, you can have your website, CRM, forms, reviews, referrals, testimonials, campaigns, cross-sells, texting, web chat and everything else we offer in one platform working together.

Forms that connect to your CRM

What happens to the leads you collect on your website now? With a website from ClientCircle, your forms will go directly into the Journeys CRM, kicking off a custom campaign and helping you convert that lead with automated communications spanning email, texting and even mail. Customize your forms and create as many campaigns as you’d like. Manage everything in one place.

Unique content that improves SEO

A ClientCircle website is easy to build and manage with help from our content management system (CMS). We’ll help make sure your website content is unique, unlike the content from other website products on the market. ClientCircle websites come complete with the CircleAI™ language model ready to help you get started on your copy so you can make sure your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts pay off. With a few human edits, you’ll have a truly unique website in no time.

Templates made for insurance

Choose a template for your website and customize it to fit your agency brand or design a completely unique website from scratch—the choice is yours. We have several templates to help you get started, all designed specifically for insurance. Add as few or as many pages and forms as you’d like and make edits quickly and easily in real time.

A price you'll love

We know you need to have several tools to run your agency, and those costs add up. That’s why we priced websites to help you make the most of your investment.

You can add a website to your compatible ClientCircle plan for just $200 month or bundle all the features we offer with the Premium bundle and get an even better deal. Take a look at our plans to find one that’s right for you.

All your tools under one invoice and with support from our legendary account management team? It doesn’t get better than that.

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