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Partnering with others to bring you the best tools

February 24, 2021 by ClientCircle

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Building technology is what we do. And we’ve been working on a few things we’re excited to share with you—new partnerships, integrations and tools.

We love building new things. And we love working with other companies to bring you the best, most innovative tools in the industry to help you grow your business.

Integrating with other systems has always been a priority for us. We want you to be able to pick and choose the tools you need to run your agency. Making sure those tools work well together is something we do behind the scenes every day—partnering with other software companies to design technology that helps you succeed.

We’ve been working on a few things we’re excited to share.


We built our first integration with Vertafore back in 2015, helping make sure you can take advantage of both systems to the max. On March 1, 2021, Vertafore is launching a new communications capability, Vertafore Client Communications, powered by our parent company, Rocket Referrals.

Vertafore AMS360 agents already with ClientCircle will get extra features at no additional cost. They will also pay less for features not included in Vertafore Client Communications—online reviews, premium support, advanced NPS analytics and a handwritten card allowance.

Eligible Vertafore customers on AMS360 who are not already using ClientCircle will also get direct, complimentary access to many of our features thousands of agents love—Net Promoter Score (NPS), automated communications, list segmentation, cross-sell automations and Client Connect. These agents can also upgrade to our premium features for a lower-than-retail rate.


If you use Veruna, ClientCircle now directly integrates to update your client information automatically every night.

Partner Platform

You can now integrate your Partner XE system with ClientCircle, and we’ll keep your data up to date without any file uploads or syncs.

Donna by Aureus Analytics

Connect your Donna system directly to ClientCircle, and we’ll feed all of your NPS and communications data into the Aureus Analytics Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics platform. Their system will use what we know about your customers to identify cross-selling opportunities—for example how loyal they are and which communications they’ve received.

Sidecar for HawkSoft

It can be frustrating to have to switch back and forth between your management system and other apps. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t need to look a customer up in multiple systems? With the new ClientCircle Sidecar for HawkSoft, you can see an updated view of a customer in ClientCircle when you’re working on that client’s record in HawkSoft. It’s magic. Talk to your account rep if you’d like to download Sidecar.

So much more in the works

We know you’re always looking for better ways to stay connected with your clients—including sending timely communications, cross-selling policies, measuring client satisfaction and building long-lasting, meaningful relationships that feel truly personal.

We’ll continue to work hard to bring you the best in the industry communication tools that integrate seamlessly with other systems and allow you to compete and grow your business.

Thank you for continuing to choose us as a partner in helping you grow your agency.

We have so much more planned—we're always working on new integrations, partnerships and features. Stay tuned!

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