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Three email tips for successful insurance marketing

October 8, 2020 by ClientCircle

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Email can be a powerful tool for insurance agents but only if it’s actually a piece of your tool belt. To put it into perspective, there are roughly 306 billion emails that go back and forth across the web per day. So, knowing how to use this marketing channel effectively to cut through all that noise is important.

Follow these tips.

TIP #1: Make messages meaningful, personal and relevant

People want to read messages that are written just for them. If your emails read like you simply dropped in their first name, or if you get personal details wrong, your messages will likely end up in the trash. However, when you follow up with content that’s personalized, you’re connecting in a meaningful way.

  • Focus on your subject line, and your greeting. Your first impression is key, and helps you communicate with a purpose.
  • Everyone has a lot on their plates these days. Rather than forcing readers to work too hard, tell them right away what your email is all about. Be up front and to the point, so readers know what’s in it for them.
  • Have they added a new family member, or started a new career? Send them an email to find out how it’s going.
  • You can also share valuable content like an article or video that is relevant and helpful.

TIP #2: Communicate at the right time and to the right clients

Well-timed emails can help strengthen connections with clients. Your timing also helps set you up as a trusted advisor who always has clients in mind.

  • Send reminders when clients are approaching renewal time, or when their rates go up.
  • Send welcome messages as part of a new client’s onboarding process. You can frame a first message as a hello, a chance to follow up on notes, or a way to provide information to help people get started.

Segmenting clients into lists helps you make sure that the right people receive the right messages. For instance, you won’t accidentally send an email selling home insurance to clients that already have it.

  • When you segment clients by geography, you can quickly reach out to people who have been affected by weather-related events, or natural disasters. They’ll appreciate knowing you’re available to help answer their questions, or find resources.
  • Segmenting clients can also create cross-sell opportunities. For example, some clients may have homeowner’s insurance, but not flood insurance. You can send this list a targeted message that explains why they still need flood coverage, and offer to speak with them in more detail over the phone.
  • Finally, segmenting former clients from current ones can help you run a win-back campaign. Simply send an email asking how they’ve been, and if there’s anything you could do for them.

TIP #3: Combine email with other marketing efforts

Does your agency use social media regularly? Do you want to grow your social media audience? Email can be the jumpstart you need. What’s more, you can also build your email audience via social media.

  • Include links to your social media pages in your email footer.
  • Post a link to your email sign-up form on your social channels. When you do, be sure to highlight the great content that people can expect to receive.

Don’t forget that email is also a great way to gather feedback from your clients.

  • Ask for feedback by sending them a net promoter score survey. This two-question survey is quick and easy to complete. In fact, agencies that use ClientCircle have a response rate between 40-60%.
  • After sending the survey, follow up with your promoters, and invite a testimonial, or even an online review. (Be sure to brush up on the difference between testimonials and reviews.) Email continues to provide one of the highest ROIs of any type of marketing there is. Even if you’ve struggled with email marketing before, now is a great time to fire up your email efforts.

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