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October 4, 2022 by ClientCircle

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In October of 2022, we changed the name of our platform for insurance agencies. Here's everything you need to know.

Why are you changing your name?

We made this change because we’re ready for a product name that represents the entire range of features and services we offer insurance agents.

When we launched Rocket Referrals almost 10 years ago, we set out to help insurance agents grow their business through automated referrals, and our name reflected that purpose. Since then, we have grown and expanded our product to include a complete suite of sales, marketing, and communications tools and services that help insurance agencies grow.

The name ClientCircle better describes everything our platform offers today.

What does the new name mean?

The name ClientCircle reflects our commitment to helping insurance agents have happier clients and make more sales by managing the full customer journey—from prospecting to cross sales to building long-term, meaningful relationships.

Which products does the name change affect?

The name change applies to our insurance agency platform. All enterprise solutions will continue to be powered by Rocket Referrals.

Does ClientCircle have any new features?

Yes. Along with the new name, we’re introducing a new feature—Journeys—a sophisticated relationship management tool. Journeys is similar to what’s known in the industry as a CRM—but with a key difference—more automation. Instead of relying on you to move contacts or campaigns from stage to stage or column to column Journeys can do it automatically. Learn more about Journeys here.

What will happen to Rocket Referrals?

Rocket Referrals will remain the parent company behind ClientCircle. ClientCircle is a Rocket Referrals product. Rocket Referrals will continue to power all white label and enterprise solutions, while ClientCircle will be a retail product available directly to insurance agents.

Did you get acquired?

No. We continue to be privately owned and managed by the same team based in Des Moines, Iowa.

What will change for Rocket Referrals customers?

There are no changes or interruptions to our product, billing, contracts or services as part of the name change. You will start seeing the new product name and branding in our web and mobile apps, on the website and in marketing materials.

Will your plans or pricing change with the new name?

Plans and pricing are not affected by this name change. The new feature, Journeys, is only available on our Premium plan.

How do I access my Rocket Referrals/ClientCircle account?

You can access your account by visiting www.ClientCircle.com. If you visit www.RocketReferrals.com, we will redirect you to the new website. If you have any bookmarks saved, we encourage you to update them.

Is your contact information changing?

Our new website is www.ClientCircle.com. Our employee emails will now come from the new ClientCircle domain as well. However, if you send an email to someone @rocketreferrals.com, we will still receive it.

Are there any changes to enterprise products powered by Rocket Referrals?

There are no changes to products powered by Rocket Referrals. You can access your product through Single Sign-On (SSO) as you do now.

What about your mobile app?

You can continue to use our Conversations mobile app as you do today. We’ll be updating its branding soon, and you will get an automatic update when that happens.

Are there any changes to customer support?

No. We are not changing our service and support. You will still receive the same great service as before.

Will you continue to work on products for the financial services industry?

Yes. All our current features are available to financial advisors and we’re continuing to work on building additional tools specific to financial services.

We have content about Rocket Referrals on our website. Should we update it?

Yes, in some cases. We will reach out to you with details on updating all information pertaining to Rocket Referrals and ClientCircle based on your relationship with us. If you don't get an email within a day or two, please send a note to brand@clientcircle.com. If you have a white label product, you don’t need to make any changes.

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