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What insurance agents should send instead of a newsletter

February 15, 2023 by ClientCircle

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If you’re still sending mass newsletters to your insurance customers, you’ll want to keep reading. Because there’s a better way.

Clients know when they are just another name on your email list. And because they can tell you’re sending the same information to everyone—they no longer feel special.

What works better than a newsletter? Personalized emails with content that makes your clients feel like you’ve picked it just for them.

Now, that’s a lot of work. You can’t possibly devote hundreds of hours writing custom emails to your clients, which is why you need to automate this process.

Agents who use ClientCircle are in on a secret. We have a feature called Client Connect that helps you stay in touch with your customers by sending them personalized content from all around the web—content you’ve selected and approved.

Client Connect is smart. It knows when you haven’t communicated with a client in some time and sends each email from your library at well-timed intervals. The messages are automated, and your time commitment is minimal.

Here’s how it works

Build a library. We’ve done the work and have 14 libraries with ready-to-go content waiting for you. You can use those libraries to create your own master library. You’ll find everything from tips on preparing your home for every season to stories on healthy living, content for business owners, articles for your clients in retirement and more. Pick what you like, skip the rest.

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Add your own content if you’d like. Do you have a blog? Copy links to your favorite posts and add them to your library. Are there websites you think your clients would enjoy? Add your favorite stories from those websites to your library. You can link podcasts, videos and any other content from around the web.

For every story you add, choose which group of your customers should receive it. For example, if it’s a story with tips for business owners, you can specify that only your commercial clients get it.

In under an hour, you can create a comprehensive library that will automatically deliver customized content to your clients whenever they are due for communication. Every story is sent at well-spaced intervals, and it looks like a personalized email you wrote.

When you read an interesting story or see a video you think your clients would enjoy, simply add the link to your library to keep your content updated.

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Looking for tips on how to build your own library? Read this blog post. or check out our "What's better than a newsletter?" webinar replay below.

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