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Why birthday emails don’t work

June 15, 2023 by ClientCircle

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How many birthday emails do you receive from companies? And how many of those emails do you open and take the time to read? Unless the email includes an offer for something free, people probably won’t even open it.

When you send birthday emails, you are doing the same thing as other businesses.

But you need to stand out. So, instead of an email, send a birthday card in the mail. Here’s why birthday cards will be much more impactful.

1. Be different

Receiving a birthday card instead of an email will be something clients will remember because they wouldn’t expect a handwritten card from a business. After all, people are so used to emails.

2. It’s a personal way to make your customers feel appreciated

Your customers receive birthday cards from people in their lives that care about them. A card will show you care enough to spend the time to personally write and send something in the mail, instead of sending an automated, generic email.

3. Birthday cards improve retention

We did some research and found that sending birthday cards increases retention by 1-3%. ClientCircle agencies that send birthday cards to all their customers have an average Net Promoter Score (NPS)® 10+ points higher than those that don’t. This translates to a 2% increase in retention. For a $1 million book of business, a 2% increase in retention adds up.

4. It's not as expensive as you think

You only need to invest $2 to $3 per customer to send them a birthday card. This is a small amount of your annual commission that can lead to an increase in retained revenue year over year. Your customers went with an independent agency to receive personalized service and to have a relationship with their insurance agent. This is a small investment that can make a big impact.

Writing and sending a birthday card to each of your customers would take a lot of time and work. At ClientCircle, we can send beautiful handwritten birthday cards to your clients for you, automatically.

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