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Why you should survey your insurance clients every six months

March 8, 2022 by ClientCircle

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A customer who was upset about a rate increase during their recent renewal call with you may have forgotten all about it. And at the same time, someone who used to love your agency could be thinking about leaving simply because you forgot to return their last phone call.

You simply don’t know how someone feels unless you ask regularly.

Here’s how you can quickly and efficiently measure client sentiment and why it’s important.

Start with one question

The Net Promoter Score (NPS®) survey is a one-question survey that helps you find out if customers are likely to refer your insurance agency to others. People are much more likely to respond because it takes a matter of seconds to fill out. They will also have the option to explain their rating with written feedback.

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Ask regularly

Sending the NPS survey to all your customers every six months helps you check in throughout the year to see if anything has changed that would cause them to leave. If you only ask once per year, you might not have a chance to retain them before it’s too late.

You don’t have to survey everyone at once. You can spread the surveys out evenly, so you’re able to address client concerns as they come in and collect new reviews consistently throughout the year.

Don’t let an unhappy customer slip through the cracks

Even if a client was happy with you at one point, that doesn’t mean they still are.

Often, people won’t mention they are considering switching insurance agencies unless you ask them about it. You don’t want to wait until they leave to find out they were dissatisfied. Usually, the reason they are shopping around is due to something that can be easily fixed with a phone call.

Collect more reviews and recommendations

A customer who was previously upset about something may be a big promoter of your agency now. If you assume they are still unhappy with your agency, you could miss an opportunity for them to leave a glowing review or refer new business to you.

Put customers in a referral mindset

Insurance is rarely something people think about outside of renewal periods and following a claim. Asking clients a couple times per year about how likely they are to recommend your agency is a tactful way to encourage them to refer friends and family.

Monitor trends in retention

Survey responses from over a year ago don’t reflect how customers feel about you now. If you aren’t asking for regular feedback, you’ll be vulnerable to negative changes that cause your clients to leave before you have a chance to correct the issue. Surveying your customers every six months helps you keep tabs on what’s working and what isn’t so you have better data to make positive changes.

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