Penn National Insurance + ClientCircle

In 2020, Penn National Insurance teamed up with ClientCircle to help more of their agencies grow. Here are some highlights of what the 15 participating agencies achieved since signing up.

Penn National Insurance + ClientCircle
Increase loyalty with ClientCircle

Retained clients through increased loyalty

Using ClientCircle, participating agencies representing Penn National Insurance now boast an average NPS of 82 which is 12 points higher than the average independent insurance agency in the US. Every 10-point jump in NPS results in an average 2% increase in client retention for insurance agencies—this translates to about $22,000 in additional annual commissions on average per agency.

Retained clients through surveys and testimonials

ClientCircle helped participating agencies representing Penn National Insurance uncover clients who were unhappy and likely to leave and provided agents with specific retention strategies. As a result, these agencies have retained an estimated 10 clients per agency per year or $9,700 in annual commissions each. The agencies retained another $2,500 each annually by collecting testimonials with ClientCircle.

Surveys and testimonials with ClientCircle
Improve google rank with ClientCircle

Improved their local Google ranking 

With help from ClientCircle, agencies representing Penn National Insurance saw their Google ranking increase by an average of eight spots in local search results. This allowed most agencies to show up in the top three results on Google, with more than a third of them being the top-listed insurance agency in their area. Combined, the 15 participating agencies collected 550+ new Google reviews, over time and at a steady pace.

Additional highlights


Agencies uncovered an average of 90 detractors each, improving chances of retaining them


On average, each agency sent more than 6,000 communications per year, improving relationships


40% of promoters who responded to a survey left a written testimonial for their agency



More about the study

The average amount of time each participating agency representing Penn National Insurance has been using ClientCircle is 2.8 years. The average book value for each participating agency is around $900,000.

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