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Introducing Cues: engage your website visitors on the spot

March 4, 2024 by ClientCircle

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When a prospect or a client is browsing your website, you have the perfect opportunity to make their experience better, improve retention and increase sales. And now you can do that with Cues.

Cues are short, targeted website communications that help you convert more prospects and connect with more clients.

Here’s what you can accomplish with Cues.

Add a call to action to any page

With Cues from ClientCircle, you can add a custom cue to any page on your website. Choose a layout, pick a page on which your cue will appear, set your cue timing and you’re ready to go.

For example, if you sell health insurance, you can share Medicare open enrollment dates with all website visitors and encourage them to schedule their policy review before the deadline.

ClientCircle cue example
When a cue pops up, your website will blur in the background drawing all attention to the cue. The user can then engage with the cue or close it and return to their browsing experience.

Drive more sales

Like most insurance agencies, you likely offer many types of policies.

If you sell commercial insurance and want to educate your business clients and prospects on the importance of specific business coverage, you can set up a unique cue on your business policies page.

For example, if someone is browsing your commercial policies page, you can set a cue to ask them more about their company via a quick form. You can then use this information to help them choose the right set of policies for their business.

Full-page cue example ClientCircle
In this example, the cue is a full-page cue taking up most of the page. The user can submit the form or close the cue to return to the page they were browsing.

Add cues to your multi-step campaign

If you use ClientCircle Journeys to build custom, multi-step campaigns, you can choose Cues as one of your communication tactics, just like you do with email, texts and cards.

For example, if you have clients who only have a home policy with you, and you want to offer to bundle an auto policy for them, you can do that with a targeted, personalized cue they will see the next time they visit your website.

Or, if you have a renewal journey set up, you can add a cue to remind each client who is on that journey that their X-date is coming up, should they find themselves on your website within 45 days of that date. We can recognize them and address them by their name when we send that cue for a personalized experience like no other.

Personalized cue example ClientCircle
Here’s what your client, Bonnie, will see if she finds herself on your website within 45 days of her renewal date.

Use text, emojis and images

Cues can be short and simple, using just a few words. Or you can opt for more content with images, emojis and links.

Based on the cue layout you pick, the cue can stay on the side of the screen or appear as a full-page. Visitors can close the cue if they aren’t interested.

Cue example with emojis ClientCircle
This cue has a custom image to match the message and a few emojis to help make it more conversational. You can use any image you’d like with your cues.

Start a conversation

If you use ClientCircle web chat on your website, visitors can respond to your cues by starting a chat allowing you to help them quickly and improving their overall experience.

Cue with web chat button example ClientCircle
This cue prompts website visitors to consider life insurance. If they want to learn more, they can click the button to start a conversation with your team. The cue will then convert to a web chat, and your team member can take over from there.

Share other content with links

Use Cues to share other content with your website visitors.

If you’re participating in a community charity event and want to encourage others to join, you can do it with a cue and a link to the charity’s website.

If you host a monthly breakfast where you educate people in the community on things related to insurance, promote it with a cue on your home page and link visitors to the RSVP page.

Example of cue with a link to RSVP ClientCircle
This cue links website visitors to another page where they can register for the event. You can link to any page you’d like, on your website and anywhere on the web.

Post important announcements

If you know of an issue that will be top of mind for your clients, for example, a severe weather event brewing in your area, and that your office may need to close as a result, set a cue to pop up on your home page. This will let your clients know how to get a hold of you quickly and how to submit a claim. They will appreciate not having to search your website for this information in an emergency.

Time-sensitive cue about inclement weather ClientCircle
This is a time-sensitive cue you can display on your website for a specified duration of time.

See the data

All cues are auditable and trackable so you can have the full picture of who saw your cue and who took action on a cue, giving you even more information on how your website visitors are engaging with your content.

There’s very little you can’t do with Cues—your imagination is the limit.

Want to see Cues in action?

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