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Web chat made for insurance

June 4, 2021 by ClientCircle

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Clients love web chat. Anymore, most websites you visit, from direct-to-consumer products to business-to-business services, have one.

Web chat improves conversion rates, increases up-sell and cross-sell revenue, and helps you take care of your clients in a way they prefer.

But not all web chat products are created equal, and most don’t give you the data you need to truly impress your clients and prospects.

So, we set out to build something different—a web chat that will change how you think about connecting with your clients.

It lives on your website

Imagine knowing who you’re talking to without having to ask every time. Our web chat lives on your domain meaning you don’t have to worry about browsers blocking any tracking cookies—a key difference from many other third-party web chat products.

We’ll recognize clients and remember returning prospects

We’ll automatically remember who used the chat when they return to your website, and we will know if it’s an existing client who has responded to emails or surveys sent through ClientCircle before. You can start the conversation right where you left off—something your clients will absolutely love.

Web chat with insurance clients ClientCircle

It’s easy to set up

ClientCircle web chat takes just a few minutes to install and customize. You can choose the color to match your website, set live hours, write your own away message, etc.

No need to buy more tools

The web chat is part of your “Conversations” tab in the ClientCircle dashboard. And because it’s part of “Conversations,” you can easily keep track of all of your client discussions in one place—no need for yet another software purchase.

Watch the conversations as they happen

You can quickly see who on your team is responding to a message and what they’re about to say. You can also see when a customer is typing a response.

Chat on the go

The web chat is available via the ClientCircle mobile app too, so you and your employees can answer client questions when you’re away from your computer.

Web chat made for insurance ClientCircle

Ready to add web chat to your website?

We made it easy. Log into your ClientCircle dashboard and find “Web chat” under “Settings.” If you need help, just reach out to your account manager.

Happy chatting!

Web chat made for insurance

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