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Have better conversations with clients and prospects with data by your side

July 31, 2022 by ClientCircle

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When you’re talking to a client or prospect, whether via texting, web chat or a third-party messenger like Google or Facebook, do you wish you could see which products this person has with you, how they rated you on a recent survey or what you talked to them about last time?

With ClientCircle, you can do all of that and more. And it’s all on one screen.

New features in Conversations

When you’re chatting with a customer, you’ll see several important details to help you have a more productive conversation.

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When talking to a client, you can now see many useful details about their account on the right side of your screen. Quickly view recent conversations, see the lists they are on or which products they have with you—all in one window.

  • At the top, you’ll see a summary of your recent chats with this client or prospect, regardless of the platform you used to talk to them.

  • Next, you can see which products this customer has allowing you to not only quickly evaluate their needs, identify gaps in coverage, make recommendations and cross-sell products.

  • Finally, you can see which lists this contact is on so you can easily tell if they recently left a positive or a negative review, if they have a renewal coming up, if they are a high-revenue client or a new customer, the list goes on.

All of this is on the same screen as your conversation, so you don’t have to flip back and forth between different apps or pages.

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Having important account details at your fingertips will lead to more meaningful conversations.

Add notes to any conversation

There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing what was discussed or promised when trying to help a customer. Now you can add a note to any conversation to help all your team members know exactly where you left off and what needs to happen next.

Mark conversations as resolved

Resolved an issue? Mark a conversation as resolved. You can also archive conversations you no longer need or bring them back from the archives.

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