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How you can win back prior customers

September 20, 2023 by ClientCircle

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Losing customers hurts your bottom line. However, you can often win them back with the right approach. Here are a few tips for winning back former clients.

Find out why they left

You should use a simple survey to ask your clients for feedback a couple of times each year. This gives you a chance to retain clients before they leave. You can learn why certain customers left by analyzing their past survey responses and feedback for any issues or complaints. You can also monitor overall themes and topics clients are mentioning in their feedback to keep up with any issues and get ahead of problems.

Create a win-back campaign designed with insurance in mind

Target old clients you want to win back with a multi-part campaign. Incorporate emails, texts and handwritten cards to make sure you’re reaching them across multiple channels. If you don’t already have a relationship management tool, look for one that can send clients and prospects through a multi-step campaign automatically, so you don’t have to do it manually. A win-back campaign could include a handwritten card, a few emails, texts and even a phone call or two. Since you know when the client left, you can time your campaign to kick off right before their 'X' date to improve your chances of catching their attention.

Set a goal and monitor trends

Work with your team to set a goal for how many former clients you’d like to win back. Segment your prior customers into groups based on the type of policies they used to have and other pertinent information you may have about them.

Decide how you’ll keep track of your win-back goals and monitor how you’re doing throughout the year. You may already have access to campaign metrics depending on the software you use. If a certain message isn’t working, switch it up. You can use AI language models to help you write something new, but always make sure to review your message first to make it sound more human.

Always be kind

Always end any relationship on a good note by being kind and respectful to customers, even when they are leaving. If the client has expressed frustration, it’s crucial for you to respond respectfully. By responding in a courteous way, you will make them feel valued as a person. And even if they end up leaving, there’s a greater chance of winning them back in the future because they will remember how you made them feel when they left. If you or someone on your team has trouble responding to negative feedback, we have tips on what to say to unhappy clients.

Show them what has changed

If your client left your agency because there was a service or benefit you didn’t previously provide, let them know when you do.

For example, if a customer left because they weren’t happy with a specific carrier, reach out with new options for them when those are available. If they weren't thrilled about your service or communications, let them know what changed. This may spark their curiosity and make them more interested in coming back. If they don’t respond, send them a handwritten card to make your efforts feel more personal. Let them know you have been thinking about them and share what’s new at your agency.

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