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Introducing Journeys: More than a CRM

May 17, 2023 by ClientCircle

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Keeping in touch with clients while managing your daily tasks is time-consuming and often overwhelming.

Some customers want to hear from you frequently, while others are difficult to get in touch with and require many follow-ups.

On top of that, everyone has different communication styles. Some people prefer texting, others want you to send them emails, and everyone appreciates a handwritten card in the mail. But when are you supposed to find time to communicate with clients if you’re already swamped with quoting, policy reviews, claims and everything else?

Imagine how much time you’d save if you could put many of your communications on autopilot. You’d be selling policies and retaining customers in the background, freeing you up to focus on tasks only you can do.

With the Journeys CRM, you can.

What’s a journey?

Every experience a client or prospect has with your agency is a journey. Some journeys happen once, like onboarding, while others happen more regularly, like annual renewal check-ins.

With the Journeys CRM, you can set up multi-part campaigns to help you achieve a specific goal. Here are some examples of customer and prospect journeys, all of which can be customized to fit your needs:

  • Prospecting
  • Onboarding
  • Payment reminders
  • Renewal check-ins
  • Non-pay cancelations
  • Claims
  • Cross-selling
  • Win-backs
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Start with a goal

Think about what you’d like to accomplish. Maybe your goal is to convert more prospects or cross-sell more umbrella policies. Or maybe you want to set clear expectations with new customers during the onboarding process. Once you know what your goal is, you’ll be able to create a journey to help meet that goal.

Not like other CRMs

With traditional CRMs, you usually need to move contacts from column to column and stage to stage. With Journeys, you can enable contacts to progress through campaigns automatically. We’ll notify you when your action is needed, such as giving someone a call or approving specific communications. Automatically remove a contact from a campaign if they no longer meet certain criteria. For example, a prospect would be automatically removed from a prospecting journey as soon as they become a customer.

Get as detailed as you’d like

With Journeys, you can build a campaign from scratch or pick from one of our customizable templates. You can send emails, texts and handwritten cards through Journeys, reaching more people with relevant messages at the right times.

You can also notify employees when they need to perform a task. For example, if a prospect has received several emails and texts, but still hasn’t accepted the quote, you can automatically notify a team member to give them a call.

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There will be times when you’ll need a little more information from clients and prospects, like when someone requests a quote or policy change. You can do that by creating forms for your website and kicking off custom journeys based on the responses you receive.

Track your progress

We’ll help you monitor progress as contacts go through each stage. Check the metrics for each journey and adjust campaigns accordingly to help you meet your goals.

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