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Turn prospects into clients with these simple steps

August 2, 2021 by ClientCircle

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The idea of nurturing prospects and turning them into customers can seem daunting. It’s not easy to establish trust, show the value you offer and set yourself apart from the competition.

But we are here to tell you that you can automate this process and watch your conversions grow with very little work on your part. You just need to do a few things to lay the groundwork with the steps we shared below.

Use as many of these tips as you need, in no specific order, depending on the information you have about your prospects and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Keep good records

Take the time to track all your leads in your management system (or a spreadsheet). Include where they came from, what types of products this person may be interested in and anything and everything that may be available to you that can help make future communication more personal and more relevant. The better your data is, the more successful your prospect campaigns will be.

You may need to start with a simple list that only has names and contact information, and that’s OK. But remember to update your data regularly as you learn more.

Thank the lead source

If a prospect was a referral from a client or professional contact, like a realtor you work with, remember to thank them with a handwritten note. This small gesture will further build loyalty and bring even more leads your way.

Show them you’re there to help

Don’t start a relationship by trying to sell something. Instead, focus on getting to know your prospect. Do this by kicking things off with a simple prospect campaign that includes a welcome card and a few follow-up emails that put you on the prospect’s radar. (If you’re a ClientCircle customer, you can find the prospect campaign under “Ready-to-go Automations.”)

Ask questions

Identify your prospects’ needs so you can point out any gaps in coverage. Often, people don’t even know they may be missing critical coverage for their family or business.

What policies do they have now? Have there been big changes in their lives? Do they have a hobby, like gardening? Do they like to travel? Do they own a business? Do they enjoy spending summers by the water?

Group your prospects into lists by the type of policy they have or may need, where they live, life stages and events, hobbies, etc.

Asking the right questions helps you better understand prospects’ needs and allows you to segment your lists further for even better, more personalized campaigns.

Check in without selling

Effective prospecting campaigns are well balanced and don’t feel like a constant sales pitch.

Give your prospects something without asking for anything in return—like useful content and guidance. This builds trust and gives a preview of the value you’ll bring as their agent. Offering something of value up front also increases the chances a prospect will respond. People feel compelled to give something in return—in this case—their time and attention.

Do this by reaching out with useful content regularly throughout the year, no strings attached. Share content with your prospects on topics that may be interesting to them—it doesn’t always have to be related to insurance. A story on current events, a podcast on travel, a video on gardening tips. Prospects will appreciate it and you’ll build valuable trust over time.

Be available via a variety of channels

You may know how most of your clients prefer to communicate, but it’s something you’ll need to learn about each prospect. That’s why it’s important you’re available via a channel that they may prefer—phone, email, text and web chat. When they can reach you in a way that’s convenient for them, and they know you’re always there and are quick to respond, they are more likely to convert.

Use templates and content made for insurance

When contacting prospects, send content that has been written for and tested with insurance clients. If you want to save time and need a little bit of help with words, we have templates and automations ready to go to help you nurture prospects and cross-sell to existing clients. Our account managers are always there to help you make sure your campaigns are set up and running smoothly.

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