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What’s the difference between testimonials and reviews?

October 1, 2019 by ClientCircle

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Hungry? The sink is leaking? Getting sued? It’s unlikely you’ll choose a restaurant, plumber or lawyer without first checking how many positive Google or Facebook reviews they each have. That applies to insurance agents too.

This might convince you to focus solely on a reviews-only strategy as the best way to grow and sustain your business. Bad idea. You’re missing out because both reviews and testimonials should be part of how you market your agency.

Reviews are collected by third parties like Google and Facebook. Testimonials are collected by a business. You shouldn’t focus on one at the expense of the other. Your search rankings, reputation and business growth are all based on how well you can manage collecting both.


  • Testimonials are about the relationship with existing clients.
  • They are usually displayed on your website.
  • You will ask for testimonials directly from your best customers.
  • You can choose which testimonials you share.
  • Testimonials are great for retention.


  • Reviews are collected and managed by a third party.
  • They are displayed on the third party's website too.
  • Reviews can be anonymous and may be good or bad.
  • You can't choose which reviews are displayed.
  • Reviews are great for having prospects discover you online

Here's how both work in your favor

A prospect does a Google search for “insurance agents near me” and finds you. They’re happy with the number and quality of the reviews you have, and they like that you’re responding to reviews as well.

Next, they head over to your website to do more research. They read the testimonials you have shared there. And voila! It’s the social proof they needed, so they decide to give you a call or message you via your web chat. You now have a warm prospect ready to become a client.

Soon it’ll be their turn to leave a testimonial and review to help you attract more new prospects and improve retention.

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