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A complete list of communications insurance agents need to send

August 23, 2021

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could throw some seeds on the ground and have a garden full of fresh vegetables a week later? Alas, gardens require much more than that. You need sunlight, soil, water, fertilizer, seeds, time and a bit of a green thumb, too.

A successful business is not much different from a fruitful garden, especially if you think about the amount of time and resources that go into it.

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Six tips for building better relationships with commercial insurance clients

August 20, 2021

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How much of your book of business is made up of commercial accounts? And how much time do you spend building relationships with your personal lines customers vs. your business clients?

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What is the Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

August 19, 2021

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You’ve heard about the NPS® but might not understand what the big deal is. We simplified it for you.

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Turn prospects into clients with these simple steps

August 2, 2021

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The idea of nurturing prospects and turning them into customers can seem daunting. It’s not easy to establish trust, show the value you offer and set yourself apart from the competition.

But we are here to tell you that you can automate this process and watch your conversions grow with very little work on your part. You just need to do a few things to lay the groundwork with the steps we shared below.

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Why the best newsletter may be no newsletter at all

June 15, 2021

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How many marketing emails do you get every day and how many of them do you actually read?

The rare ones that do catch your interest are probably about something or from someone you care about.

Formatted newsletters with images and links have become the standard of email marketing—every business out there has some kind of newsletter.

But just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you should.

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