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A texting platform made for insurance

August 21, 2023 by ClientCircle

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Seventy percent of consumers want the ability to securely text or message with their insurance company, according to LivePerson’s survey of consumer preferences around insurance.

But adding texting to your lineup of insurance tools isn’t an easy task. You want to make sure any texting platform you choose for your insurance agency will help you better serve your customers without adding extra work for your team.

At ClientCircle, we built our texting platform specifically for insurance agents so you can improve your workflows and provide more ways for customers and prospects to get in touch.

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for texting with ClientCircle:

Separate phone numbers for better boundaries

You don’t have to use your personal cell phone number to text with clients— each employee can have their own line to use for business texting. Or you can share a single phone number and choose which employees have access to read and respond to messages.

You can use a toll-free phone number, a local number or port an existing business number. When a client or prospect calls the number you use for texting, the call will automatically be redirected to your business line, so you never have to worry about gaps in communication.

Conversations view
Manage your all your conversations in one place—texting, web chat and third party messaging.

You no longer need to juggle multiple platforms to respond to texts or web chat messages. All your conversations flow into a single dashboard, available on your computer or ClientCircle Conversations mobile app, where you can read and reply to messages.


We’ll help you collect and keep track of mobile opt-ins so you stay compliant with TCPA and other regulations. We'll also help you get your brand registered according to A2P 10DLC rules.

You’ll have a history of all your conversations in one searchable dashboard. Additionally, you can automatically have transcripts of your conversations emailed to yourself and an administrator for E&O purposes.

Save time with automated texts and message templates

Once we’ve collected mobile opt-ins from your clients, we can send automated texts on your behalf. Send texts at the right time for survey and review requests, check-ins, renewals, cross-sells and more.

Do you find yourself sending the same message to clients repeatedly? Instead of retyping the whole message every time, you can save a text template and send your message with just a few clicks.

Securely send attachments

With ClientCircle’s texting platform, you can send all audio, video, image, text, and application file types. Additionally, you can send .pdf .docx .xls .xlsx .csv .tsv .ppt .pptx .pages .odt .rt types and everything is delivered via a secure link.

Texting attachments client view ClientCircle
Text attachments are delivered to customers via a secure link.

This means policyholders can quickly send you pictures for a claim right from their phone. You'll also be able to text ID cards, certificates of insurance and coverage details to your clients when they need proof of insurance quickly. Many insurance companies only offer to send quotes via email, so offering to text prospects a quote will help you stand out.

More client information at your fingertips

How nice would it be if you could see a snapshot of relevant information about a client or prospect while you were texting with them? Our texting platform shows you important details about the person you’re texting with while you’re messaging them.

Contact details for conversations
View important details about the person you're texting in one dashboard.

You’ll no longer need to check your management system to see their general policy details and any coverage they may be missing. You’ll also be able to see recent communications they’ve received, their most recent response to a client sentiment survey and other notes from your service team.

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