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Five insurance documents to text your clients

January 9, 2023 by ClientCircle

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When you need a quick response, do you send an email or a text? Most people prefer texting for time-sensitive requests.

Your customers likely don’t think about their insurance regularly, but when something unexpected happens, they may need important documents right away.

Here are five common situations where being able to text attachments will make you stand out as an agency:

Insurance ID cards

When a client shows up at a doctor’s appointment or has a fender bender, they’ll need their ID/proof of insurance card. And if they left it at home, they’ll need it right away. You want to be able to text it to them quickly.

Coverage details

When customers are evaluating their insurance policies to make sure they’re covered for possible events, they’ll want to be able to read through coverage details. Not everyone is always near a computer or wants to deal with email attachments. Being able to text your clients coverage details can start a valuable conversation about additional policies they may need.

Certificate of insurance

Your commercial clients have a lot on their plates while running a business, and many of them are always on the go. If they’re asked for a certificate of insurance and you can text it to them, they’ll appreciate it. You can later follow up with them about how their business is growing and what other coverage they should consider.


Claims are stressful. You know clients value it when the process is as convenient as possible. If they need to send pictures of damage for a claim, they should be able to easily text the images to you right from their phone. And you should be able to access these photos quickly on your computer and phone.


It’s difficult to stand out to prospects when they’re shopping for insurance. A seamless experience will go a long way in helping convert them to a customer. If you offer to text a prospect the quotes, you’ll set yourself apart from competitors who can only send those over email.

Do you have the right tools to text your clients?

With ClientCircle, you can text your customers and prospects a variety of attachments. All your conversations are linked to contact profiles, so you can see valuable information about the person you’re texting, including product information and notes from your team.

With ClientCircle, you can text all image, video, audio, text and application file types. Additionally, you can send and receive .pdf .docx .xls .xlsx .csv .tsv .ppt .pptx .pages .odt .rtf, and all file types are delivered via a secure link.

Here’s how easy it is for you to send a PDF to a customer via text from your ClientCircle app (click on the image to zoom in):

Texting attachments example ClientCircle
With ClientCircle, you can view important details about the person you're texting with in one dashboard.

And here’s what they will see on their phone:

Texting attachments client view ClientCircle
Text attachments are delivered to customers via a secure link.

Want to text attachments?

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