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Improve your agency workflows with custom forms

July 31, 2023 by ClientCircle

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As an insurance agent, you stay busy with a continuous stream of requests from customers and prospects.

Someone misplaced their ID card, another customer needs to file a claim, and a new prospect just requested a quote. It’s a lot to keep track of, so we’ve created a way to help you manage these requests with custom forms.

Collect the details you need

With any form, you’re going to need a few key details, like the person’s name and a way to get in touch. Make these fields required and everything else optional. Remove the hassle of collecting mobile opt-ins for texting by making this a required form field as well.

If you need to add more context about certain information you’re requesting, you can do so using hints. For example, if you ask for a car’s VIN on a policy request form, you can add a hint within the text box to remind website visitors where to find their car’s VIN.

Cut down on spam responses

Select the types of responses you’ll accept, such as numerical answers for phone numbers, a valid email address, or a simple yes or no response. This, along with reCAPTCHA functionality, helps you reduce spam responses.

Make follow-up a breeze

What happens when someone fills out a form on your website now? With a website from ClientCircle, form responses can feed directly into our sophisticated customer relationship management tool, Journeys, to kick off custom campaigns.

For example, if a client fills out a form to request a policy review, you can automatically email or text them your calendar link to schedule a meeting. From there, you can identify coverage they may be missing and send a few well-timed cross-sell messages spanning email, text and handwritten cards.

If one of your current customers fills out a form, we’ll match them up by name and email to their existing contact profile. And if someone new fills out a form on your website, we can automatically create a new prospect profile inside ClientCircle and kick off a prospect campaign.

ClientCircle forms feature
Collect the details you need and follow up with customers and prospects automatically.

Integrate your existing forms and workflows

If you already have forms on your website you’d like to keep, you can connect those form responses to the ClientCircle Journeys relationship management tool to start communication campaigns. Connecting existing forms on your website to Journeys won’t affect your other existing form processes and workflows.

View form responses in a way that works best for you

When you set up a form, you can decide which employees should be notified via email about new form responses. You can view responses for any form in one simple dashboard. Or you can see an individual customer’s or prospect’s form responses directly on their contact details screen.

Forms get better with websites

If you have a website with ClientCircle, you can build your own custom forms from scratch to collect the information you need. Or choose from one of our existing templates to add forms to your website in minutes.

ClientCircle claims form example
Choose from one of our customizable form templates or build your own from scratch.

We have ready-to-go form templates for common customer and prospect requests, including quotes, insurance ID cards, certificates of insurance, policy changes, coverage reviews and more. We also have a “Contact us” form for specific client or prospect questions as well as a form template for clients who need to file a claim.

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