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Seven ways to bring more referrals to your agency through partnerships

July 12, 2023 by ClientCircle

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One of the main ways you attract new clients is through word-of-mouth referrals. Typically, those referrals come from your clients’ friends or family members. But what if you had a business partnership that sent their clients to you?

Before we share more, remember that it’s critical that any partnerships you create are with people and businesses you trust. Always do your research and only partner with reputable providers.

So, here are some of the partnerships you could build, depending on the types of insurance you sell:

1. Real estate agents

If you sell home insurance and build a few partnerships with local real estate agents, they can send new homeowners to your agency. Or if someone is unhappy with their current home insurance and is looking to switch, they might reach out to their real estate agent for a recommendation. Maintain strong relationships with real estate agents in your area by sending them birthday cards each year and recommending them anytime you have clients looking to move or purchase a second home.

2. Loan officers

Loan officers work daily with people who need insurance. If you sell commercial insurance, you can partner up with loan officers in your area, and when they have a client looking to start a new business, they can recommend your agency. Build relationships with mortgage loan officers and auto finance officers as well by referring clients to them when you can. One way to do this is to partner with a local bank or credit union as that’s where most people start when they’re looking for a personal or a small business loan.

3. Veterinarians

Pet owners want to protect their furry companions and they will trust their vet’s recommendation for pet insurance. If you sell pet insurance, consider partnering with a local veterinary clinic. You’ll gain new customers and will have a vet you can recommend to your clients who may be looking for one.

4. Auto dealerships

When someone is buying a new car, they will need to purchase auto insurance. If you partnered with a car dealership in your area, they can recommend your agency for auto coverage. Similarly, when you have customers who are adding a teen driver to their policy, you can recommend dealerships you work with.

5. Local professional networks

Professional networks can be an opportunity for local business owners to create relationships and refer business to each other. Look for events and fundraisers that business owners attend in your community. This is a great opportunity for you to network and build new relationships and partnerships.

6. Online lead programs

Online lead programs can be a helpful way to increase brand recognition for your agency, attract qualified leads and close more deals. For example, if you are a Dave Ramsey Trusted Provider, you can receive leads when Dave Ramsey followers are looking for an agent in your area. Certain professional organizations, such as Trusted Choice, collect leads and forward them to member agents. These programs often require a small investment or a membership fee, but they are well worth it. Don’t confuse these trustworthy programs with ones that sell unqualified leads or lists. Always do your research.

7. Travel agents

If you team up with a local travel agent, they can recommend your business to their clients who are looking to purchase travel insurance. And you can do the same and recommend your travel agent to customers in return.

Remember that building partnerships is a two-way street. If you work with a business that is referring prospects to you, return the favor to maintain a strong partnership.

Pro tip: Do you use Client Connect? If you partner with a local business that happens to have a great blog, you can add their stories to your Client Connect library to help them get more exposure and bring valuable content to your customers at the same time.

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