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Five ways to use technology to improve insurance sales

May 23, 2024 by ClientCircle

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The world is becoming more and more digital—you can do just about anything online. To succeed in the digital world, you need to adapt and make changes to update outdated processes. Clients and prospects expect the same digital experience they get from other companies, so as an insurance agent, it’s important to offer that or else they might look elsewhere. Here are five things you can implement at your agency to be successful in the digital world.

1. Improve your SEO and update Google reviews

Many people start their insurance search on Google, and your reviews have a big impact on their decision. Request reviews from your biggest promoters but make sure to space them out. Google’s algorithm penalizes businesses that collect reviews too quickly. Instead of trying to get many reviews at once, focus on getting quality reviews from customers who will leave you feedback in addition to a five-star rating.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate and avoid using identical wording to other insurance websites. Having unique content on your website improves SEO and helps you stand out from competitors. Google monitors how long website visitors stay, so by having a beautiful, functional website, you’ll keep people on your page for longer.

2. Make requesting information convenient and easy

When a prospect is on your website, make it easy for them to request a quote without having to find an email or phone number to call. Give prospects the ability to fill out a form directly on your website to collect all the information you need. Consider adding forms and self-service options for your current clients, too, to make it convenient to file a claim or request policy changes.

3. Post regularly on social media

Keeping up with your agency’s social media helps build brand recognition and engages more prospects. Think about what tone and voice you want to use for each social media platform and start posting.

You don’t need to spend hours creating and editing a video every day. Just keep it simple. For example, you can share glowing client testimonials on Facebook or LinkedIn with a simple message thanking each customer. On Instagram, you could post pictures from community events your agency sponsors, share fun photos from around the office or highlight local business customers (with their permission, of course). If you have a blog on your website, share your blogs on social media to drive more traffic to your site and show off your insurance expertise.

4. Provide multiple ways to get in touch

Not everyone likes to communicate in the same way, so it’s important to be available to clients and prospects on multiple platforms, beyond the standard emails and phone calls they’d expect. You’ll stand out as an agency and keep prospects and customers happy if they can use their preferred way of communicating with you.

Have web chat available on your website so prospects and customers can send you a message quickly. You can also set up messaging on Facebook Messenger and Google Business Messages. Offer texting as a convenient way clients can message you about their policies or a way for prospects to request a quote. With ClientCircle, you can be available on all these platforms and have the convenience of being able to respond to different conversations in the same app.

5. Keep that personal touch

It may come as a surprise, but in today’s digital world, you can also stand out with a few old-school touches.

Few businesses send handwritten cards these days, especially on birthdays. Most companies send automated, generic emails. So, send your clients a handwritten birthday card. You’ll make them feel special because they’ll know you remembered their birthday and took the time to send them a personal, handwritten note. Consider sending cards for other occasions too: new client welcomes, anniversaries, thank you cards or even a handwritten note to prospects.

With ClientCircle, you can have your website, forms, reviews, referrals, testimonials, campaigns, cross-sells, texting, web chat and everything else we offer in one platform working together. We’ll even help you send handwritten cards to your clients automatically, so you can keep that personal touch in the digital age.

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