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Analytics from ClientCircle: Turn data into decisions

July 11, 2024 by ClientCircle

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Having the right insights at your fingertips can make all the difference in the success of your agency.

To stay ahead of the competition and keep up with industry changes, you need to understand your data and how to use it to make decisions quickly and effectively.

That’s where Analytics from ClientCircle comes in.

Designed to turn data into meaningful insights, Analytics helps you make informed decisions, improve employee performance, build better relationships with clients and grow your business.

How Analytics works

Analytics combines your data with ClientCircle metrics, providing a comprehensive view of your business. Our dashboards cover everything from sales performance to customer retention, and they are adjustable to fit your specific needs. With flexible filters and easy navigation, you can tailor your analysis and focus on the metrics that matter most to you.

Imagine being able to see how specific activities and events impact your business, compare performance by employee and location, and view data across related companies—all without needing any technical expertise.

Analytics makes it possible.

What exactly can you do with Analytics from ClientCircle?

  • Monitor key metrics like sales performance, retention rates, churn, product performance, campaign effectiveness, etc.
  • Personalize and save your dashboards by choosing the metrics you need to see.
  • Combine saved charts into one customized dashboard.
  • See how specific activities and events affect other metrics.
  • Manage who can view and access specific charts and data filters with permission tools.
  • View data across related companies, with location filters on each chart.
  • Compare employee performance within your organization.
  • Navigate and adjust your dashboards quickly and easily—no technical expertise needed.

Let’s look at the Analytics dashboards in more detail.


Dive into your sales performance with detailed views of quotes and time-to-close metrics. Identify top performing employees and areas for improvement by filtering results by employee, client lists, product types and dates. The Sales dashboard helps you understand which activities are driving sales and where adjustments may be needed.

Example of the Analytics sales dashboard
This Sales dashboard example shows quotes generated last month, the average time to close a sale and daily sales performance. You can filter your results further by date range, team member, product type, etc.

Retention dashboard

Understand how customer retention affects your revenue. Compare retention rates across employees to see who excels and who might need additional support. With filters for employees, client lists, product types and date ranges, you can adjust your strategies to improve retention rates.

Example of the Analytics retention dashboard
This example provides insights into customer retention rates over the past year, segmented by employee and product type. This dashboard can help you identify successful retention strategies and areas needing improvement.

Churn dashboard

Get a clear picture of your churn rates and revenue changes over time. Differentiate between voluntary and delinquent churn to address underlying issues. Use filters to dissect this data by employee, clients, product types and time periods to make adjustments aimed at reducing churn.

Example of the Analytics churn dashboard
This Churn dashboard example shows churn rates and revenue loss over the past six months, broken down by product type and employee. It can help you identify the root causes of churn and implement strategies to reduce it.

Customers dashboard

Monitor various customer metrics, including new clients, reactivations and churn. Segment client groups to gain deeper insights into customer behavior and overall retention rates.

Example of the Analytics customers dashboard
This Customers dashboard example shows new clients, reactivations and overall churn rates segmented by product types and client sentiment, offering a comprehensive view of client acquisition and retention efforts.

Products dashboard

With this dashboard, you can analyze the performance of your products by revenue and customer count. Identify which products are thriving and where there is potential for growth. Customize your view with filters for client lists, product types and date ranges to get the most relevant insights.

Example of the Analytics products dashboard
In this Products dashboard example, you can see insights into product performance by premium and customer count, with filters for specific product types and client lists, allowing you to optimize product offerings and improve growth.

Communications dashboard

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing and communications efforts with metrics like delivery success, open and click rates, and engagement data. See how your communications are affecting other data points like sales or retention. Use campaign filters, client lists and dates to assess specific campaigns.

Example of the Analytics communications dashboard
This Communications dashboard example shows the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. In addition to important engagement metrics, you can see the effect certain events have on the success of the campaign.

Overview dashboard

Create a customized overview that pulls in key insights from all your other dashboards. This comprehensive view helps you monitor your business at a glance, ensuring you stay on top of critical metrics and trends. You will see this dashboard first when you log into Analytics, and you can explore individual dashboards in more detail from there.

Analytics overview dashboard example
Add your favorite dashboards to your Overview page so you can see your most important data first.

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