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Three successful templates for cross-selling life and health insurance

February 1, 2022 by ClientCircle

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There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to meeting the needs of your customers with a life or health insurance plan. Figuring out what coverage they may need and offering it to them at the right time is both an art and a science. If you have the data that tells you when to send and to whom, you’re off to a great start. But you still need to know what to say.

Here are three ready-to-use email templates to start the conversation about health and life insurance with your customers. Feel free to give these a try with your clients. Simply copy, paste into your email and edit as you'd like.

Life insurance

Even though everyone should have life insurance, what actually convinces someone to purchase a policy depends on their current circumstances. Whether it’s about protecting their family or locking in a cheaper premium now, highlight those benefits right away.

Subject: Life insurance is cheaper than you think


A recent Insurance Barometer Study revealed that people think life insurance costs three times more than it actually does.

If cost has kept you from purchasing a policy, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Let me put a quote together for you to make sure you have the right life insurance policy in place.

Please respond to this email or give me a call at 555-555-555. I have a few quick questions before I can run some numbers for you.

Thank you,


Hospital indemnity insurance

Your customers may be surprised by the cost of their hospital bill after an unexpected stay. Alert them to gaps in their coverage by rounding out their account with a hospital indemnity policy. Many people won’t know what a hospital indemnity policy is, so give a quick explanation of what it is and why they need it. End your email with a way to contact you so they can ask their questions and you can write the policy for them.

Subject: Even with insurance, hospital costs can become unaffordable


I reviewed your Medicare plan and I want to make sure you've considered adding a hospital indemnity policy.

Adding hospital indemnity to your coverage can help you pay for deductibles, ER visits, medications, transportation, surgeries, health screenings and other expenses should you have an unexpected illness or injury.

Please give me a call at 555-555-5555 or simply respond to this email if you'd like to learn more.

Thank you,


Commercial group health plans

Your commercial clients need a health plan for their employees as well as someone they can count on to answer their coverage questions. Sell them on a group health plan by expressing interest in their business specifically and finding a solution that fits their needs.

Subject: Health insurance for your employees


In today's competitive environment, health insurance is one of the main benefits employees consider when they choose an employer.

I can offer you access to several health, dental and vision plans for your employees. We work with [INSERT DETAILS OF THE PLANS YOU OFFER].

Please give me a call at 555-555-5555 or simply respond to this email if you'd like to learn more. I'd love to understand your business better, learn more about your needs and budget, and offer you a health insurance solution your employees will value.

Thank you,


Automate your cross-selling

As you already know, cross-selling is one of the main ways you can grow your business.

“As an insurance broker, it’s important to remember that if you don’t offer supplemental products to your clients, someone else will,” says Gillan Boyer, director of marketing at The Brokerage Inc.—a national insurance marketing organization specializing in life, health and accident products.

But knowing what to say when cross-selling can be challenging. Sometimes it takes several attempts of asking in different ways to round out an account. You can use the templates above as a starting point.

We have more than 20 other health and life insurance cross-sell automations and templates for you to choose from. And we know the best times to send them to your clients so they’ll purchase additional coverage. Let us help you automate your life and health cross-selling, so you can sell more with less work.

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