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Learn at your own pace with the training center

June 28, 2024 by ClientCircle

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When you start using new software for your insurance agency, you deserve to have a team that will help walk you through the onboarding and setup process so you know how to use your new tool.

But what about those times you’re working late, trying to train a new employee, or have a quick question you’d like to look up on your own?

With ClientCircle, you have access to dozens of articles covering common questions and best practices with our training center. And that’s on top of the support you receive from our team of dedicated account managers.

Here are some of the resources you can find in ClientCircle’s training center.

Understand NPS and improve client loyalty

The Net Promoter Score (NPS®) is a core tool to help you identify retention risks and your biggest promoters. In the training center, you’ll find more information about the NPS and how respondents are categorized based on the score they leave.

You’ll learn best practices for retaining detractors and encouraging reviews and referrals from promoters. Additionally, in the “Net Promoter Score” section, you’ll learn how to use CircleAI™ to analyze the feedback you receive and what to do when someone leaves an incorrect survey score.

Keep your data clean and up to date

It’s a lot of work making sure you have everyone's current contact information, tracking referral sources and segmenting your book into relevant lists for targeted messages. The “Contacts” section of the training center will help you learn how to manage client data with the right tools.

When you import your data from your management system into ClientCircle, we’ll flag any potential duplicate contact profiles or mismatched referral sources so you can resolve data issues quickly. We’ll also provide downloadable reports of contacts with missing or invalid contact information so your team can reach out to clients who may have moved or switched emails.

You’ll also learn how to organize contacts into relevant lists for things like cross-selling, renewals, feedback and more. If you need to update contact details for someone in ClientCircle, but not in your management system, you’ll find tips for that too.

Manage your ClientCircle plan and users

Whether you’re a one-person agency or have a large staff, you’ll need to know how to add and update employee information in ClientCircle. The “Users” section of the training center will teach you how to add, remove and edit employees and grant login access. You’ll also learn how to customize email notifications for each employee based on their role and responsibilities.

And with the “Manage your plan” section of the training center, you’ll learn more about managing your handwritten cards and how to add gift card funds to your account to include in thank you cards if you’d like to. This section also includes information for finding invoices to submit to carriers and other organizations for reimbursement if eligible.

Automate and customize your communications

With ClientCircle, you have access to dozens of communication templates to help you stay in touch with your clients and prospects throughout the year. In the “Communications” section of the training center, you’ll learn how to edit your messages to fit your agency’s needs. You’ll also learn how to automate your communications or approve messages manually based on your preferences. And if you want something totally custom, we’ve got options.

Tips for getting quality reviews and testimonials

There are several things to keep in mind when you’re working to improve your agency’s online reputation, including the difference between testimonials and reviews.

Your “Testimonials” section in the training center will show you how to publish testimonials to your website and social media. You’ll also find additional articles about how testimonials positively affect your business.

The “Reviews” section will show you how to add your review pages in ClientCircle so we can automate review requests on your behalf. You’ll also see tips for setting up advanced review settings and best practices for linking reviews to the customers who left them in ClientCircle.

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